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Silicone Rubber Keypads - Geometry

Examples of Silicone Rubber Keypads design options: geometry

Elastomeric material properties allow a host of geometric possibilities for the design of silicone rubber keypads.

From single-key to multi-key Key shapes and sizes, keymat profile and mechanical and operational features are carefully customised to exact specifications.

A range of operating forces and key travel distances can be selected to provide the desired tactile feedback.

Rubber hardness can be varied across the keypad. Insert-moulded keytops are available in Shore values of 40% - 90%, producing a hard, resilient keytop.

Some applications involve the combination of a silicone rubber keypad with a mylar polydome or similar metal-dome array affixed. This device is suitable for electrical conductive or non-conductive mechanical switching and enhances the mechanical 'snap' feel of key operation.

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