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Silicone Rubber Keypads - Finish

Examples of Silicone Rubber Keypads design options: finish

Various finishing processes and choices offer further features for custom designed silicone rubber keypads.

Spray coating with PU laquer provides an extra layer for protecting keytops legends. A coating can produce a glossy or matt finish to the keypad and increase durability.

Ultra-Violet protection is available where conditions demand specific prevention of fading or atrophy due to prolonged exposure to sun-light.

Epoxy potting of the keytop surface creates a hard coating, with a plastic-like touch. This is an inexpensive method of including a hard-wearing, high quality, glossy finish. A soft epoxy is also available.

Laser etching is particularly suitable for keypad applications using back-lighting. Different colour coatings are laser etched to reveal legends and characters. This technique also allows multi-coloured areas to be exposed and lit.

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